Teen Discussion Groups

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Fun, Informational Discussion Groups for Teens & Preteens

Have you ever wanted to ask an important health question and the response is something like…

  • “Aren’t you too young to learn about that?”
  • “Why are you even interested in that?”
  • “Are you asking me this because you’re doing it?”
  • “Don’t do that! Or ELSE…”

Yeah, we don’t do that here.

Our teen discussion groups are fun, safe, super chill, non-judgmental spaces for middle & high school-age students only! We discuss important teen health topics and current events affecting teen mental health. Depending on the topic, we often incorporate thought-provoking activities as well.

It’s a great opportunity to ask any “weird” questions, vent about teen struggles, learn some life skills, and make friends.

About the Teen Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups are often held weekly

Discussion Groups are led by a Peer Educator

Groups are for middle & high school students only

Parental Consent & Waivers are required for students to attend their first group

Students can drop in at any time (after parental consent is obtained)

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Upcoming Discussion Groups

Most Thursdays at 5:30 PM! Email Sarina@BeEmpoweredTeens.org for more info.